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A Message from Pasto Robin.

In the Bible you will notice that time is marked by the proximity to important events, like the reign of certain monarchs, or the census, taken when Quirinias was governor, etc.  It is like a parent saying, “When my son was 2 years old...”  It gives some reference, but isn’t a universally understood measurement of time. Jesus Christ’s life on earth changed lives and changed history so dramatically that people began counting time from His life.  300 A.D. means, “In the year of our Lord 300.”  Have you stopped to think about that?  What can you do to make this, “The year of our Lord 2014?”  What can we do together to truly make this, “The year of our Lord?” Shortly after midnight on January 1st, I started the New Year by reading from the Bible, Jesus Calling and praying.  Now God is challenging me with, “How are you going to make this “The Year of our Lord?”  It is intriguing. Will you join me in praying earnestly that God will show us how to make this His year?   Pastor Robin
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Happy Thanksgiving WE WELCOME YOU to listen to Pastor Robin Brooke deliver a message from Matthew 18:1-10 entitled: 

“Am I Brok-ed?”

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    Thursday, Nov 28, 2014